PhotoVoltaic Solar Panels (On/Off-Grid)

SunPower – The World’s Standard for Solar
SunPower’s products hold the world record for energy production. And SunPower® solar panels are the world’s most efficient: up to 50 per cent more energy than conventional panels. If you want to use to the max your roof top look no further!! Recommend 315W SunPower® Maxeon™ panel – SPR-315E-WHT.

Transparent BIPV – 45% Transparent Double Glass (Blue/Black) for Facade/GreenHouse/Skylight/Tiles
CNSDPV’s products are normal monocrystalline/polycrystalline modules that allow 45% of light to pass through wrapped in 8mm glass. These BIPV are slightly more expensive than normal modules and are TUV certified and thus are eligable for goverment rebates as well. Recomanded: 190Wp Size: 1.58m * 0.808m CNSDPV190(36)S

Borun New Energy – 100MW manufacturer
Company can, on request build custom panels to meet any size and power wattage preferred – Cheap but quality TUV certified mono-crystalline & polycrystalline modules.  Recommend 230W mono-crystalline panel – BRC230W-156M60.

Jinko Solar – 1.5 GW capacity in 2011
Worldwide manufacturer employ more than 10,000 professionals with factories in Shangrao (Jiangxi) and Haining (Zhejiang) covering more than 165 acres. Our Global Marketing Center is located in the modern business area of Pudong, Shanghai. Expanding our international presence by establishing European representative offices in Munich and Bologna, a US office in San Francisco and a logistics warehouse in Rotterdam (in operation since January 2010). IEC, TÜV, UL, VDE, CE, ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified crystalline modules. Recommend cheap 225W polycrystalline panel – JKM225P-60.

Sharp pv systems – already 324 MW in 2004
Sharp was already fascinated by the idea of generating power from sunlight more than 50 years ago. In 2010, they were the #1 producer of PV cells, in terms of revenues. Sharp Solar produces thin film modules and mono and poly-crystalline silicon solar cells. Recommend anything from Sharp but especially best priced 230Wp polycrystalline panel for good efficiency of wattage per space or cheap thin foil 128Wp panel, if space is not an issue and due to better performance at higher temperatures.

Ningxia Yinxing Energy – 300MW manufacturer
This experienced on stock exchange company provides top quality modules – mono-crystalline & polycrystalline. Ningxia Yinxing Energy panels are similar to Borun but come at a slightly higher price but give a little more watt per square meter. Recommend 195W panel – YXGF-195M72.

First Solar – 1,228MW manufacturer
One of the top biggest PV company in the world operating in USA and Germany using cadmium telluride (CdTe) rather than the more common mono / poly. Can be used as building cladding! First Solar are made from thin film material which is less Watt per meter square and are more ideal for large areas like PV farms. Thin film perform better in sun intensive environments. Recommend FS-277 model 77Wp thin foil panel. 

SunPower Logo

Get the most out of your roof top by using Sunpower panels. This manufactuer produces the most efficient panels on the planet available at just slightly higher prices. These panels come with high voltage allowing to use selected inverter efficiently.

SUNPOWER SPR-305E-WHT – 305Wp panel

Specs for 305Wp panel

SUNPOWER SPR-315E-WHT – 315Wp panel

Specs for 315Wp panel

IEC / EN Certifications

SunPower module products are certified by TÜV Rheinland to comply with IEC standards for photovoltaic design and safety (61215 ed.2 and 61730).

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

The SunPower Corporation Quality Management System has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope: The design, manufacture, and delivery/installation of high performance solar electric systems for residential, commercial and utility-scale power plant customers.


TransParent PV Logo

Get a futuristic image and generate electricity by using this 8mm glass, 45% transparent, with PV module inside also TUV certified.




BIPV – Size: 1.58m * 0.808m – Thick: 8.2mm – Power: from 160Wp to 190Wp

Specs for 1.58m by 0.808m, 8.2mm panel – Glass no frame.

BIPV – Size: 1.196m * 0.556m – Thick: 8.2mm – Power: from 70Wp to 100Wp

Specs for BIPV 1.1968m by 0.556m, 8.2mm panel – Glass no frame.

Certifications IEC/TUV/CQC/CE/SGS/ISO
TUV Certifications

These Transparent Modules are TUV certified:

-MonoCrystalline (black) TUV certificate certified by TÜV Rheinland, and list of modules certified.

-Polycrystalline (blue) TUV certificate certified by TÜV Rheinland, and list of modules certified.

Jinko Solar Logo

Jinko Solar modules are produced with nanotechnology-based silicon ink and processing platform and are awarded with certificates from recognized institutes including UL, CSA, CEC, TÜV, VDE, MCS and CE. Our factories have also been certified by quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and environment management system ISO 14001:2004. Widely applied in projects covering on-grid and off-grid systems, our high efficiency modules can resist high wind pressure, snow loads, extreme temperatures and strict mechanical loading tests of 5400 Pa.

JKM225P-60 (225Wp) &

JKM230P-60 (230W) &

JKM235P-60 (235W) &

JKM250P-60 (250W)


Click here for all specifications for this premium polycrystalline panels series – 225Wp/230Wp/235Wp/250Wp is available.

Monocrystalline version panel : JKM-195M-72


Click here for specs of this recomanded monocrystalline panel that give high nominal power voltage required to get high voltage sum up  to get high effiency from inverter



sharp logo

Sharp, second to none when it comes to solar energy. Best solar panels producer available!

  • White tempered glass, EVA resin and a weatherproof film, plus aluminum frame for extended outdoor use
  • Output terminal: Lead wire with waterproof connector
  • Certifications: IEC 61215 and IEC 61730
  • SHARP modules are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories
  • Modules are Made in Japan

Thin Foil Panels @ 128Wp – NA128G5

Thin Foil specs

Monocrystalline Panels @ 185Wp

NU185E1 / NU-185(E3E) 185 Watt Mono Crystalline
Sharp’s NU-185A1H has superb durability to withstand rigorous operating conditions and is suitable for grid connected systems.
High-power module (185W) using 155.55mm square single crystal silicon solar cells with 14.1% module conversion efficiency
Photovoltaic module with bypass diode minimises the power drop caused by shade
Textured cell surface to reduce the reflection of sunlight and BSF (Back Surface Field) structure to improve cell conversion efficiency: 15.9%

Cell 48 Monocrystalline (155.55mm)² Sharp silicon solar cells
No. of cells and connections 48 in series
Maximum system voltage DC 1000V
Series fuse rating 15A
Maximum power 185W
Encapsulated Solar Cell Efficiency 15.9%
Dimensions 1318 x 994 x 46 mm
Weight 16 kg

Sharp mono 185W specs

Pholycrystalline Panels @ 230Wp – ND-E230(A2)

  • Nominal power – 230,0 Wp
  • Voltage at MPP – 37,0 V
  • Current at MPP – 8,24 A
  • Open-circuit voltage – 3 0,3 V
  • Short-circuit current – 7,60 A
  • Maximum system voltage – 1.000 V
  • Length x Width x Height – 1.652 mm x 994 mm x 46,0 mm
  • Weight – 19,0 kg

Sharp poly 230W A1 (A2 version only differs in weight – 1 Kg less) specs

A5 – 245Wp/250Wp – slightly better panels that have better temparature coefficient, ideal for warmer countries.

Sharp poly 245Wp/250Wp A5 specs



Warranty Statement

This Sharp product is warranted against faults in materials and manufacture for a period of 5 years from the date of original purchase.

Additionally, Sharp warrants that if the module displays a power output* of less than 90% of the minimum power output specified in Sharp’s written specifications during the first ten (10) years, or less than 80% during the period time of twenty five (25) years from the date of original purchase, and Sharp determines, at its sole option, that the power output loss is due to faults in materials or manufacture, then Sharp, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace the module to bring the aggregate power output to the warranted percentage of specified minimum power output.

*Rated power output is determined, as a standard, under the test condition of cell temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and irradiance of 1000W per square metre and AM-1.5 spectrum

If service is required during the warranty period, please contact the dealer where the module/ system was originally purchase from.

General Information

1. The owner is responsible for any costs directly or indirectly related to installation, removal, transportation and insurance or re-installation of modules covered under this warranty.

2. If after the 5 year warranty period, Sharp determines that the module is not providing warranted percentages of specified minimum power output Sharp may at its sole option, use re-manufactured, refurbished or new parts when repairing or replacing a photovoltaic module, to bring the aggregate power output to the warranted percentage of the specified minimum power output. Replaced modules will become the property of Sharp.

3. Please retain your sales documentation, as this should be produced to validate a warranty claim.

4. This warranty is in addition to and in no way limits, varies or excludes any express and implied rights and remedies under any relevant legislation in the country of sale.

Warranty Restrictions and Exclusions

1. The warranty provided does not apply to:

a) Conditions caused by or resulting from installation procedures that do not conform to well accepted and recognised industry standards, or failures in observing the handling method, cautions or warnings given in the installation manuals or similar documents.

b) Conditions arising directly or indirectly from installation in an aero, mobile, or marine environment, war, riots, destruction, fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, typhoon, cyclone, hurricanes, tornado, volcanic action, tidal wave, snowfall, freezing, salt damage, acid rain, power failures, lightening, indirect lightening stroke, flood, damage by insect, animal, land subsidence, crack or landslide, accident, or abnormal environment or pollution, actions of third parties and other events that occur outside of Sharp’s control and not occurring under normal operating conditions, or any phenomena that can not be prevented with the technology available for practical use at time of this warranty.

c) Conditions arising from misuse, negligence, abuse or any human’s intention or fault.

d) Conditions resulting from a defect in components which are not part of Sharp brand photovoltaic module.

e) What does not affect the basic performance and power generating function notwithstanding any external scratch or stain, or natural mechanical wearing which does not represent a defect of Sharp module, corrosion, mould, deterioration, discolouration, and any other factor of similar kind or nature that occurs after delivery of Sharp module, or does not affect the structure, mechanical strength due to slight corrosion.

2. Under no circumstances shall Sharp be liable for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, in any possible way, connected or associated with the listed, Sharp brand, Sharp photovoltaic module. This warranty is the owner’s sole and exclusive remedy and Sharp’s maximum liability under this warranty is limited to the retail purchase price of the module.

First Solar, Inc.

First Solar, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thin film photovoltaic (PV) modules, or solar panels, which can convert sunlight to electricity at competitive prices. Using cadmium telluride (CdTe) as a semiconductor instead of the more common crystalline silicon, First Solar’s modules are economical and productive in a variety of temperature and light conditions.

70W to 80W panels suitable to fix as cladding

First Solar Modules Specs:

FS Series 2 specs

Certification Info:

The Safety Class II @ 1000V is an old certification. All demands of this test are covered by IEC61730 testing. FSEC certificates are only applicable for the installation of the modules in the US .
To create an overall standard for modules the radiation has been fixed on one square meter. With this the conversion to all sizes of modules is possible. The modules are flashed under standard test conditions ( Air mass 1,5, module temperature 20°C, radiation 1000W/m²).
The data from NOCT (Nominal Operating Cell Temperature) is adapted to different environmental conditions ( in this case : FS 45°C, AM1,5 Air mass for mid-europe, radiation 800W/m²).

Borun New Energy – Monocrystalline silicon cells (270W to 300W)

156 Mono-BRC156M72

Borun New Energy – Monocrystalline silicon cells (215W to 245W)

156 Mono-BRC156M60

Borun New Energy – Monocrystalline silicon cells (190W to 220W)

156 Mono-BRC156M54

Borun New Energy – Monocrystalline silicon cells (165W to 195W)

156 Mono-BRC156M48

Yinxing Energy

NINGXIA YINXING ENERGY provides warranty:

      • 10 years minimum performance warranty @ 90%
      • 25 years minimum performance warranty @ 80%

Monocrystalline silicon cells

Monocrystalline_silicon expalined on Wikipedia.

YXGF-xxxM72 – Monocrystalline silicon cells

YXGF-xxxM72 solar module is connected in series by 72PCS of 125mm*125mm monocrystalline silicon cells. The product performance is produced according to IEC61215, IEC61730 international standard. YXGF-195M72 solar module include 180Wp\185Wp\190Wp\195Wp\200Wp etc specs. It can also be tailored to special requirements of customers.

N.B. Models covered by TUV certificate are: 180M72, 185M72, 190M72 & 195M72

YXGF- 180M72 185M72 190M72 195M72 200M72
Maximum power voltage 36.5V 37.6V 37.1V 37.1V 37.1V
Maximum power current 4.95A 4.893A 5.11A 5.26A 5.41A
Open circuit voltage 44.6V 45.1V 44.6V 44.6V 45.3V
Short circuit current 5.49A 5.266A 5.56A 5.64A 5.71A
STC power 180W 185W 190W 195W 200W
Module Efficiency 14.1%% 14.5% 14.9% 15.3% 15.7%
Operating Temperature -40Celsius Degree to+90 Celsius Degree
Maximum system voltage 1000V DC
Series fuse rating 15A
Power Tolerance ± 3%

YXGF-190M72 Features

Model No.: YXGF-195M72
Cells: Monocrystalline 125*125mm
No.of cells and connections: 72 in series 6*12
Dimensions: 1580*808*40mm
Weight: 16kg

YXGF-290M72 – Monocrystalline silicon cells – New (Not yet TUV certified)

Product Description

YXGF-290M72 solar module is connected in series by 72PCS of 156mm*156mm monocrystalline silicon cells. The product performance is produced according to IEC61215, IEC61730 international standard.

N.B. This Model is not yet covered by TUV certificate.

YXGF- 290M72
Maximum power voltage 37.1V
Maximum power current 7.82A
Open circuit voltage 44.6V
Short circuit current 8.36A
STC power 290W
Module Efficiency 14.9%
Operating Temperature -40 Celsius Degree to+90 Celsius Degree
Maximum system voltage 1000V DC
Series fuse rating 15A
Power Tolerance ± 3%

YXGF-290M72 Features

Model No.: YXGF-290M72
Cells: Monocrystalline 156*156mm
No.of cells and connections: 72 in series 6*12
Dimensions: 1956*992*50mm
Installation Dimensions: 1456*942 to 956*942mm
Weight: 23kg

Polycrystalline silicon cells

Polycrystalline_silicon expalined on Wikipedia.

YXGF-xxxP60 – Polycrystalline silicon cells

Product Description

YXGF-xxxP60 solar module is connected in series by 60 PCS of 156mm * 156mm polycrystalline silicon cells. The product performance is produced according to IEC61215, IEC61730 international standard. YXGF-240P60 solar module include 230Wp\235Wp\240Wp\245Wp\250Wp\255Wp etc specs. It can also be tailored to special requirements of customers.

N.B. Models covered by TUV certificate are: 230P60, 235P60 & 240P60

YXGF- 230P60 235P60 240P60 245P60 250P60 255P60
Maximum power voltage 30.78V 30.96V 30V 30V 30V 30V
Maximum power current 7.505A 7.556A 8.03A 8.15A 8.33A 8.52A
Open circuit voltage 36.9V 37.02V 36.6V 37.2V 37.2V 37.2V
Short circuit current 8.022A 8.067A 8.48A 8.60A 8.91A 8.98A
STC power 230W 235W 240W 245W 250W 255W
Module Efficiency 14.1%% 14.4% 14.7% 15% 15.4% 15.7%
Operating Temperature -40 Celsius Degree to +90 Celsius Degree
Maximum system voltage 1000V DC
Series fuse rating 15A
Power Tolerance ± 3%

YXGF-xxxP72 – Polycrystalline silicon cells

Product Description

YXGF-xxxP72 solar module is connected in series by 72 PCS of 156mm * 156mm polycrystalline silicon cells. The product performance is produced according to IEC61215, IEC61730 international standard. YXGF-290P72 solar module include 275Wp\280Wp\285Wp\290Wp\295Wp\300Wp\305Wp etc specs. It can also be tailored to special requirements of customers.

N.B. Models covered by TUV certificate are: 275P72, 280P72, 285P72 & 290P72

YXGF- 275P72 280P72 285P72 290P72 295P72 300P72 305P72
Maximum power voltage 36.79V 36V 36V 36V 36V 36V 36V
Maximum power current 7.439A 7.79A 7.91A 8.03A 8.19A 8.33A 8.47A
Open circuit voltage 44.1V 43.9V 44.6V 44.6V 44.6V 44.6V 44.6V
Short circuit current 7.961A 8.34A 8.46A 8.48A 8.76A 8.91A 9.06A
STC power 275W 280W 285W 290W 295W 300W 305W
Module Efficiency 14.17% 14.4% 14.7% 14.9% 15.2% 15.5% 15.7%
Operating Temperature -40 Celsius Degree  to +90 Celsius Degree
Maximum system voltage 1000V DC
Series fuse rating 15A
Power Tolerance ± 3%

Company Information

Trademark: Yinxing Energy
Standard: Iec61215/Iec61730/UL1703
Company Productivity: 300mw/Year
Origin: China
Packing: Pallet
Use: Solar Power Plant
Certification: TUV/Etl/CE/RoHS
Application: Solar Working Station
Export Markets: North America, Eastern Europe, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
Company: Ningxia Yinxing Energy Photovoltaic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

TUV Certificates

Apart from TUV, our models are certified with ISO, CE for EUROPE  and other certificates like RoHS , ETC and meet IEC61215, IEC 61730 and US UL1703 International Electrician Standards.

Included Models:

YXGF-200P60 @ 200Wp,
YXGF-205P60 @ 205Wp,
YXGF-210P60 @ 210Wp,
YXGF-215P60 @ 215Wp,
YXGF-220P60 @ 220Wp,
YXGF-225P60 @ 225Wp,
YXGF-230P60 @ 230Wp,
YXGF-235P60 @ 235Wp,
YXGF-240P60 @ 240Wp.

Included Models:

YXGF-240P72 @ 240Wp,
YXGF-245P72 @ 245Wp,
YXGF-250P72 @ 250Wp,
YXGF-255P72 @ 255Wp,
YXGF-260P72 @ 260Wp,
YXGF-265P72 @ 265Wp,
YXGF-270P72 @ 270Wp,
YXGF-275P72 @ 275Wp,
YXGF-280P72 @ 280Wp,
YXGF-285P72 @ 285Wp,
YXGF-290P72 @ 290Wp.

Alternative YXGF-235P60/YXGF-290P72 TUV Certificate for other Nongxia plant.

Included Models:

YXGF-160P72 @ 160Wp,
YXGF-165P72 @ 165Wp,
YXGF-170P72 @ 170Wp,
YXGF-175P72 @ 175Wp,
YXGF-180P72 @ 180Wp,
YXGF-185P72 @ 185Wp,
YXGF-190P72 @ 190Wp,
YXGF-195P72 @ 195Wp.
Alternative YXGF-175M72 TUV Certificate for other Nongxia plant.